Team BeerBnB triumphs in the startup slalom + Garage48 "sharing economy" hackathon

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From March 10 to 12, over 80 sharing economy enthusiasts from all three Baltic countries took the opportunity to work on their creative ideas. They had 48 hours to come up with a prototype of their product. With the help of mentors, nine of the ten teams participating in the competition were successful in achieving this.

A hackathon is an event that lasts for a certain period of time - in this case 48 hours - and the aim is to work in teams and create a technological solution. On Friday evening, all of the participants of the event, who had their own business ideas, presented them to the other participants. A total of 25 ideas were presented at this year’s event. Afterwards, each participant then decides on which idea they wish to work on and develop for the next 48 hours. The ideas, which are supported by the largest number of participants, are then developed in the determined time. A total of 10 ideas made it to this stage.

The themes that were presented were very diverse – from 3D gift printing services to various platforms offering tutors to find students and business representatives finding venues to organize their events in cities. However, each team also had to solve problem based on the basic principles of sharing economy. The audience, which viewed the presentation via a live broadcast, voted team PiratskyGruz as the best.The teamoffered transportation solutions through a platform where anyone can become a courier, or post a shipment which must be delivered somewhere.

Presenting the prize for third place was the company Levira, one of the event’s partners. The prize was six-month access to services and tickets to the Estonian startup and technology conference Latitude59.The winner of the price was the We Pick team, which offers peer-to-peer or peer-to-business solutions for sending shipment via a courier. Unlike the PiratskyGruz team, We Pick promises to control the contents of the shipment, as well as the couriers themselves.


Presenting the prize for second place was the British Department for International Trade, selectingSax as its favorite, which offers solutions for persons wishing to prevent sitting too long on social-networking web-sites and other non-work related websites. After a certain period of time, a saxophone player appears on the computer screen, as more continue to appear the longer the user remains on the respective web-site until the page cannot be seen anymore. In such a way, the user will be reminded to return to work. As a prize, the team will receive a fully paid trip to a conference of their choice.


The competition’s main prize – a fully paid trip to the Latitude59 conference and EUR 1,000 in investments from the lending platform TWINO –was won by team BeerBnB. This will be a tool in situations after 10 p.m., when alcohol is not sold anymore in shops.The platform will be used to find friends who are ready to loan the desired beverages.

The author of the idea Arnis Štolde explains that the idea was born during the informal part of a conference. "We had applied as volunteers for the event, and, as usual, all of the beer had been consumed. We tried to find a solution to this problem. Since, we were planning on participating in the hackathon, but did not have any ideas, we decided to use this idea. As it turns out, it was a successful one. During the 48 hours we were able to build the idea almost into a ready product. Of course we still have some modification to make, but we intend to complete this within the next several days. We plan on continuing work on this project. We will see how long our enthusiasm, desire and financial resource last, but I think we will continue working on this idea. We will, of course, have to change our name, but this is something we knew from the very beginning."