TechChill call for volunteers

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Individuals are invited to apply as volunteers for Latvia's largest tech event - TechChill, happening from the 21-22nd of February, 2019.

Individuals from any country are invited to apply as volunteers, with the only restriction being that they should be aged 16 and above and have good English. Last year, TechChill brought together over 100 volunteers to put together the multiple-day event with over 2000 participants from over 50 different countries. 

Registration is open until January 13th, and application can be done here.

The details about the volunteer team meetup and briefing will be announced after you receive a confirmation email, which you can expect no later than January 17, 2019.

Individuals are invited to apply, regardless of country of origin. Languages in addition to English will be considered an advantage, but not mandatory. The team emphasizes that if you are interested in participating as a volunteer but don't meet some of the criteria, you are still welcome to apply, as there are many different positions available and the team may be able to find the right opportunity for you. 

Volunteering at TechChill will offer individuals first-hand insight as to how a large-scale event is planned and implemented. It also gives volunteers access to the venue, which comes with insight to the startup realm, as well as the possibility of being closer to the participants, speakers, organizers, and the overall inspiring environment. 

The volunteer position has also been known to be the first stepping stone to a larger co-operation with TechChill. Emils Darzins, who was once a volunteer, is now the Sales Manager of the TechChill conference:

"Being a part of TechChill as a volunteer gave me a great insight, how hard it is, to pull something as big as TechChill off and what happens in the Baltics startup scene itself. It was a great chance to meet people who think alike, and has a passion for entrepreneurship and challenging problems, that they have faced in their lives." - Emils Darzins

This year's volunteer team lead, Laila Ratmane, also got her start as a TechChill volunteer and volunteered for two years in a row.

"Kickass speakers, love of innovation in the air and a chance to blend in with all those inspiring people - you just can't go wrong by choosing to volunteer. Everyone from everywhere will be there and you have a chance to be a significant part of it. It's up to you!" - Laila Ratmane

TechChill allows participants to network and build new connections not only for startups and investors but also for volunteers. Joining the volunteer team might be an important step before becoming a part of the TechChill, any other tech event or even joining the startup as the full-time employee or just gain positive memories, new friends and valuable experience in building a multinational event. Furthermore, you get the chance to join the conference for free, including the invitation-only parties and some of the side events. 

“As the event grows, a lot of has changed, but one remains the same - our team of volunteers who always does such an amazing job and without whom we wouldn't see the TechChill as it is. The event itself brings together like-minded people to find new and great opportunities and we are happy to share them with our volunteers who always have been a huge support to our core team,” - Kristine Kornilova, CEO of TechChill

TechChill is known as the year’s most ambitious and recognizable Baltic startup ecosystem event and the best opportunity to meet the most promising new founders and ideas from the Baltics. The conference has grown rapidly - from a few hundred participants to two thousand international visitors. Every February, under the TechChill's leadership, Riga becomes a global innovation, business and networking center for a week.