The 2015 Entrepreneurship Camp in Cambridge accepting applications

Latvian students are welcome to apply with their startup ideas here

The 2015 Entrepreneurship Camp for students and university faculty members will take place in Cambridge, United Kingdom, during a week in late autumn. Students with business ideas and with an interest in turning them into start-up are invited to participate in the Camp. Prior to the Camp, students will undergo a brief training course in Latvia. Once in Cambridge, the participants will join a group of students from Finland. They will work in teams on their ideas under the guidance of experienced faculty members and practitioners.

Latvian entrepreneurship lecturers will be provided an opportunity to participate in the Camp as well. In addition, there will be a special two-day programme with the aim of sharing entrepreneurship training best practice with local experts.

The Camp is initiated by Professor Alan Barrell. The Latvian organizer is CONNECT Latvia with the participation of several universities and other supporters. More information and registration is available online at: