The Latvian Startup Association has elected a new board

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The board will be lead by Egita Polanska, startup recruiter for Startup Wise Guys, the leading B2B accelerator in the Baltics. 

The Latvian Startup Association ( re-elects its board every two years. This is the associations second board, which was elected on December 12, 2017, in order to start the new year strongly. The board memebers were elected with an overwhelming support. The new board consists of:

  • Egita Polanska - startup recruiter at lead European B2B accelerator, Startup Wise Guys
  • Sergejs Jakimovs - co-founder and CEO of oil production startup Vortex Oil Engineering
  • Liva Perkone - NGO representative of TechChill
  • Dagnija Lejina - co-founder and CEO of the Digital Freedom Festival
  • Janis Rozenblats - founder and CEO of email marketing startup Mailigen
  • Juris Krumins - representative of Latvia of the Estonian startup Taxify
  • Janis Bite - Attorney at Law of Sorainen, law firm

Jekaterina Novickaja, the first (outgoing) head of the Latvian Startup Association:

"The associations first two years were crucial to the success of the organization. I'm thrilled that in its first two years, our team has been able to demonstrate this. During this period the organization has grown from 29 to 84 members. We have collected the first, and currently only, statistics on Latvian startups. We've become accredited memebers of celebrated international organizations, such as the European Startup Network and Startup Nations."

"Over the course of two years, the association has initiated and participated in the development of the Startup Welcome Pack. A memorandum has been signed with the Ministry of Economics, a new law supporting startups has been put in place with an amendment to the law expected in February, 2018. A Latvian startup visa has been put into place. I can go on and on. I'm thrilled to be handing over the association into the hands of the new, energetic and youthful team."

Egita Polanska, the newly elected head of the Latvian Startup Association:

"In my opinion, the new board is made up of strong individuals and I'm happy to be able to work together. Those elected are already activly participating in improving the startup ecosystem. Their experiences and skills are varied, which will stimulate good decisionmaking in the board. There are both experienced startups from different industries, as well as organizations that help carry the Latvian story into the world and attract talent and attention to the country."

"I'm eagerly awaiting the first board meeting, where we'll set goals and create an action plan. We'll certainly continue existing initiatives and will work together with partners to develop an environment and policy that's conducive to entrepreneurship in Latvia, as well as empower our startups to be successful internationally.

The first board meeting has been set for December 20th, in which both the incoming and outgoing boards will participate.