The pulse of Latvian startup scene: Week #26

Public holidays do not stop #LVstartups: Rention, Clusterpoint and 19 more names in our review today. 

Clusterpoint launches in the US, sponsors hackathons in Chennai, Seattle and Tokyo. On Jun 27-28 Latvian database as a service Clusterpoint has launched document database as a service in the US this week. Read most recent article on Clusterpoint here.

The company also continues to sponsor AngelHack hackathons around the globe to acquire users and customers.On Jun 27-28 3 events took place - in Chennai, Seattle and Tokyo.

Rention taking part in EIT Digital #IdeaChallenge and EUXCEL. Rention is a platform for long-term tenant agreements bringing together landlords, tenants and service providers. The team is taking part in EIT Digital #IdeaChallenge and EUXCEL virtual accelerator. 

Dealflow from Latvia. We have compiled a list of hot #LVstartups looking for funding. Altogether they are raising over €5 million. 

1. InSelly - marketplace for Instagram
2. BranchTrack - flight simulation for salespeople
3. MaxTraffic - turns abandoning visitors into customers
4. Conelum - makes mandatory daily tests in dairy industry up to 30x faster
5. Koatum - double coating for implants, eliminates risk of rejection
6. ET Tech - HR platform for recruiting that assesses skills based on eye movements
7. Spatial Initiatives - next generation precision rangefinders for 3D imaging and survey instruments
8. PranaJet - breathing game for stress management
9. Trip.Center - world's most flexible travel planner without defined user paths
10. Nano55 - one-step nano carbon tube production technology
11. Adaplab - next generation of software for industrial controllers in oil, gas and wind farm industries.
12. Eventech - high-precision timing electronics, holds 50% of world's Satellite Laser Ranging market share
13. DexLab - turns chemical waste into dextran
14. Nano Ray-T - produces all types of carbon nanotubes with extreme 99.5% purity
15. Snowision - automatic sensor system to monitor snow cover in ski resorts
16. Mahydy - new technology for anti-corrosion treatment of structural steel
17. Socialphotos - connects brands with user-generated content
18. Game as a service - a game startup in stealth mode
19. - engages e-shop visitors in real time

For more details, slides, milestones and founder contacts, visit our full article here