The pulse of Latvian startup scene: Week #28

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#StartinLatvia listed among best dashboard creation tools, tests compatibility of electric cars with car fleet management and control system, and more

ZoomCharts listed among best dashboard creation tools

Computers website CodeCondo has released a list of the world’s ten best analytics dashboard creation tools, and Latvian startup ZoomCharters has also been included in the list.

The author of TOP-10 is Steve Tavares – technical blog writer on Codecondo for SEO Topics, who has worked for many startups and enterprises to bring their website in Google search engine. According to Tavares, ZoomCharts is one of the leading analytics platforms that deliver business intelligence and data visualization solutions to modern businesses.

ALTUM and business angels co-finance STROPS Technologies

The Latvian Business Angel Network (LatBAN) and Development Finance Institution ALTUM have agreed to co-finance the STROPS Technologies company. This is the first time LatBAN and ALTUM jointly finance a project.

STROPS Technologies is the developer of STROPS AVS – a unique, fully autonomous solution providing video surveillance primarily for places where grid electricity is not available. The inventor of STROPS AVS, Normunds Stepāns presented his project to investors at LatBAN January Investment Session, convincing two LatBAN investors to support the project.

Latvia becomes fastest growing innovator in EU

Latvia has become the fastest growing country in the European Union in terms of innovation. In the overall innovation scoreboard, however, Latvia is ranked 23rd among the 28 EU member states.

Sweden is once again the EU innovation leader, followed by Denmark, Finland, Germany and the Netherlands. Overall, the key driver of becoming an innovation leader is to adopt a balanced innovation system which combines an appropriate level of public and private investment, effective innovation partnerships among companies and with academia, as well as a strong educational basis and excellent research, the Commission said.

Art Academy student builds recumbent e-bike

The Art Academy of Latvia Functional Design Department student Fricis Kalvelis has created a recumbent electronic bicycle for his bachelor’s thesis, and named his bike Boa. Magazine Ir reports that Kalvelis’ invention weighs approximately 40 kilograms, is equipped with cruise control, and has a top speed of up to 50 kilometers per hour.

The body of the bicycle has been made of carbon fiber and fiberglass, but Kalvelis intends to make it lighter by replacing several steel parts with aluminum. Maximum distance per charge is 50 kilometers, and charging the battery takes two hours. Fricis charges his e-bike at home currently, but there is an alternative – the rider can pedal while the engine is on to generate additional electricity.

Draugiem Group buys Tesla electric car for testing purposes

Draugiem Group company Mapon has bought a 2016 Tesla Model S electric car for testing purposes. The company paid about EUR 100,000 for the car.

Mapon, the developer of a car fleet management and control system, bought the Tesla to see whether the electric car is compatible with the system developed by the company. “Our programmers will look into connecting Tesla exit data with the Mapon system,” said the company’s representative Jānis Palkavnieks. As electric cars are becoming increasingly popular, Mapon wants to be ready for the moment the company’s clients will want to connect the Mapon system to an electric car.