The pulse of Latvian startup scene: Week #31

Vote for Capsulink on Product Hunt, check the 6 angel deals currently in negotiation at LatBAN or become a VC fund manager. Relive Week #31 with us: 

Capsulink listed on Product Hunt

Easy link management software Capsulink lets you store all links in capsules and easily update them in all past posts at once, whenever you change your web page structure or migrate your content. Essentially, they aim to make sure readers see less 404 errors, while businesses make sure all traffic ends up on the intended page. 

To find out more about Capsulink and vote for them on ProductHunt click here.

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6 deals in negotiation at Latvian business angel network

After July pitch session at LatBAN, all 6 projects received 1-8 investors' interest. The most popular deal was interactive facial gesture therapy game for children CheeksUp by Ilze Zaharane

Check the list of projects and explore opportunities to syndicate here

Aspiring VC fund managers wanted

Latvian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (LVCA) in cooperation with European Bank for Reconstruction and Development(EBRD) invites you to participate in informal pitch event on Aug 25-26.  

Find out more and apply here. Applications reviewed on rolling basis. 

Have you made your 3 clicks? 

#LVstartups, investors and communities are encouraged to submit their slides for Labs of Latvia resource page. We have significantly simplified the process - it only takes 3 clicks now

For startups, we advise to use the tag  #Pitch, #PitchDeck or #OnePager along with any other tags that apply to your company and slide content. We already have slides by MolPort, Edurio, Conelum, Zoomcharts,, FROONT, Mintos, Koatum and Nano 55, so you are in good company. You can also now manage any slides you had previously submitted via our editorial team. 

We will link to your slides in our articles, overviews, guest posts, wherever appropriate. 

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