The pulse of Latvian startup scene: Week #37

#StartinLatvia seeks projects for new investment round, continues development of real estate management platform and more.

Koatum wins Life Sciences Baltics 2016 startup Pitch Challenge

Koatum, a Riga-based startup developing hybrid bioactive medical implant coatings, was voted as the winner of Life Sciences Baltics 2016 startup Pitch Challenge by an 8-strong jury on Thursday.

Koatum’s method allows creating multiple bioactive layers on one implant, where both isolative and bioactive features are present. As a result, no metal-to-tissue contact is guaranteed, providing for rejection-free faster healing with no complications.

TRACE, gadget designed for shooters, is looking to scale up

Sports technologies is a great example of a truly emerging market, promising massive valuations for savvy startups. Latvian startup FOCUSD is known as active ambassador for the industry on Baltic startup scene: FOCUSD has created TRACE, a gadget designed for shooters to track their training process, analyze the performance, and, the key point, improve the technique.

A terra incognita for many entrepreneurs, target shooting boasts pulling 10 billion US dollars out from the pockets of enthusiasts, and that is only in United States.

Real estate management platform Rention developing e-system

In continuing the development of its real estate management platform, Rention has established successful cooperation with companies supporting the industry, for instance, the gazette Latvijas Vēstnesis, Lithuanian payment institution, software developer Tilde, and others.

In the meantime, for safe and convenient use of the platform an agreement has been concluded with the Lithuanian company Estina (, which provides e-signature support for the platform.

The Digital Freedom Festival and 500 Startups announce Startup Pitch

Digital Freedom Festival (DFF), a global technology, policy, startup and lifestyle festival, will gather more than 1,000 new technology and startup entrepreneurs from all over the world in Riga from the 27th to the 29th of November. The main events of the festival will be a conference, a Startup Pitch competition and masterclasses.

DFF together with the world’s biggest accelerator 500 Startups invites pre-seed stage startups from Baltic region, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and beyond to participate in a top-grade pitching competition.

Startups can apply for a place at the ideas competition by buying a ticket to the DFF by 13 October. The best startups will be invited to interviews for a possibility to join the 500 Startups accelerator program.