TWINO - 3rd largest peer-to-peer lending platform in Continental Europe

In just over a year since the platform launch, investors have funded over 40 million euro in loans on Latvia-based peer-to-peer lending platform TWINO. According the monthly volume of funded loans, TWINO is now the 3rd largest peer-to-peer lending platform in Continental Europe.

“Current situation in the international interest market drives investors to seek higher rates of return in alternative finance market, which has made TWINO not only 3rd largest but also the fastest growing peer-to-peer lending platform in Continental Europe,” TWINO CEO Jevgenijs Kazaņins explains in the press announcement.

“TWINO investors earn on average 12.64% return, which is an attractive offer in the light of close-to-zero rates offered by the banks and instability on the stock markets” he added. 

Based on TWINO information, more than 3500 investors from all over the world use TWINO to earn premium returns, yet the most active investors come from Germany (22% of loans funded) and Latvia (16,85%). The volume of German investors’ transactions amount to 8.5 million euro, followed by Latvia with 6.3 million.

TWINO is the fastest-growing peer-to-peer lending marketplace in Europe. It offers investors the opportunity to invest in unsecured consumer loans across Georgia, Latvia, Denmark and Poland.

TWINO is a safe, simple and transparent way for investors to earn bank-beating returns. Its industry leading buy-back guarantee means that investors are protected against default and the short-term nature of its loans means that investors are able to withdraw funds at short notice.

Since it was established in 2009, TWINO has originated over €250m of lending. The company launched its marketplace investment platform in 2015 and has since attracted over 3,500 investors from more than 30 countries, in particular from the Baltic countries, Germany, and Great Britain.