Twino attracts EUR 10 million in investments in less than one year

The unsecured consumer loan marketplace Twino has attracted private investment of EUR 10 million since the company launched nine months ago.

Twino informs in a statement to the media that it has therefore become the fastest-growing peer-to-peer lending marketplace in Europe.

Twino head Jevgeņijs Kazaņins says that Twino is used by private investors from all over Europe – at the moment, there are about 3,000 investors from more than 30 countries, in particular from the Baltic countries, Germany, and Great Britain.

"We can ensure very high profitability – 10 percent. Being aware of our competitive advantages – high profitability in combination with 100% investment guarantee and individual customer service – our ambition is to become Europe’s leading Top 3 player in the industry," Kazaņins says in the statement.

Twino has a 300-strong team with offices in Latvia, Poland, Georgia, Russia, and Mexico.

Twino is a peer-to-peer lending marketplace established in 2015. The company offers loans with buy back guarantee. The loans available on the Twino platform are issued and serviced by the company Finabay, which has been lending money since 2009 and has issued over EUR 150 million in loans thus far.