University of Latvia receives EUR 1 million donation from Mikrotīkls

The University of Latvia has received another donation worth EUR 1 million from Mikrotīkls company, manufacturer and distributor of wireless systems. The donation will be used to finance future natural sciences and medicine projects.

The company’s donation to the university presented in late 2015 helped to support 12 projects for a total sum of EUR 424,000.

Mikrotīkls has now donated EUR 1.5 million in total to the University in Latvia, which makes it one of the university’s all times biggest supporters.

Furthermore, Mikrotīkls also donated EUR 1 million last year to the Children’s Hospital Fund. This donation received much publicity and was highly praised by residents and business representatives.

Mikrotīkls, which was established in 1996 and is also known as MikroTik, is a Latvian computer network company, which manufactures and distributes routers and wireless ISP systems.

According to the company’s financial report, Mikrotīkls posted EUR 61.37 million in profits last year.