You can now get a bachelor's degree in fintech

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A new bachelor's program called "Financial administration information systems" has been launched as a joint effort between the Riga Technical University (RTU) and the BA School of Business and Finance (BA).

The fintech program is the first in Latvia and the Baltics to be launched in this specific interdisciplinary industry. The program will combine knowledge from the financial sphere, as well as from the IT perspective. The program will be held in Latvian, will be a full-time program over four years. At the end of the program, in addition to the degree, participants will also be qualified programming engineers, as well as financial managers.

The BA School of Business and Finance emphasizes that fintech is one of the most rapidly growing industries and that the direction of the market demonstrates that in this day in age requirements to be versatile in this interdisciplinary industry is mandatory. This is one of their key reasonings as to the development of the program.

They highlight that the program is a direct result of the market demand for such professionals, both in Latvia and abroad. To ensure the most relevant and qualitative education, BA has partnered with the Riga Technical University to ensure the program participants with in-depth IT knowledge. They also praise this cooperation as an excellent example of inter-academic cooperation.

Application to the program can be done in person at both universities, as well as online at The deadline for application is July 10th. More information on the application process can be found here.