When the startup boom just started, startups were viewed with mistrust. Now, although they still have plenty of opponents, the ever…

One year post TechChill - where is this Startup Europe award winner now?

Last year at TechChill, Alexander Zelinsky and his team won the Startup Europe Awards 2016 in the “Smart Cities” category with their startup Rention.


What to expect from the Riga Venture Summit 2018

The Riga Venture Summit (RVS) is an international startup ecosystem policy roundtable discussion aiming to provide a deep dive into the realm of startup ventures. This year the topic of discussion will be focused on corporate-startup cooperation.


TechChill survival guide 2018

TechChill 2018 is just around the corner and we're starting to look into the specifics of conference survival. Here we'll go over the essentials you need to know to be best prepared for the event.


How Sweden propels local startups to global success - interview with SUP46

We were able to sit down with Elin Hammarberg, the communications manager of the largest tech community in Sweden - SUP46.

15 Baltic female movers and shakers of the tech world

In 2017, we saw a growing number of women-led companies achieve significant traction with customers and raise millions of investment euros to expand their businesses. As women are still heavily underrepresented in the startup world, we think it’s time to shed some light on all those amazing female entrepreneurs and investors out there. So, here…


Bitfury: Latvia could be successful in implementing blockchain in government

The blockchain startup Bitfury, founded by locals from Riga, is popularizing the use of blockchain in government. CTO Aleksejs Petrovs believes it is also true for Latvia.

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