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How to have successful crowdfunding campaigns - the experience of two successful Latvians

2 years ago

Crowdfunding is an excellent method to source the necessary funds for the development of a certain project. However, only the rare Latvian project has been successful in running a successful crowdfunding campaign. At a seminar dedicated to this topic, German crowdfunding platform Startnext...

The pulse of Latvian startup scene: Week #30

2 years ago

#StartinLatvia attracts substantial investment, getting ready for production, sales, and more

Customizable Wi-Fi display 'Displio' delivered to Kickstarter supporters

2 years ago

The customizable Wi-Fi display Displio has been delivered to all of its Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign supporters and is also now available for purchase on-line, Jānis Palkavnieks from the Displio team informs.


Latvijas start-up uzņēmumu vides apskats: 30. nedēļa

2 years ago

#StartinLatvia piesaista ievērojamas investīcijas, gatavojas ražošanai, pārdošanai un vēl.

Personificējamais Wi-Fi ekrāns 'Displio' piegādāts 'Kickstarter' kampaņas atbalstītājiem

2 years ago

Personificējamais Wi-Fi ekrāns "Displio" piegādāts visiem "Kickstarter" kampaņas atbalstītājiem un nu sākta arī "Displio" tirdzniecība internetā, sacīja ierīces veidotāju pārstāvis Jānis Palkavnieks.

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