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The 12 Latvian companies that TWINO will be taking to start-up festival Slush have been selected

2 years ago

Finance technology company TWINO will be taking a delegation of young, progressive companies from Latvia to Europe’s leading and most prestigious event for new companies – Slush – including Toneboard, Notakey, Nordigen, Anatomy Next,, WhatTheBus, Poker Art, Sorry as a Ser...

Latvian government signs off on innovative new startup tax

2 years ago

The Latvian government has approved for debate by parliament an innovative new startup tax, to lighten the burden of the biggest cost at any startup: employee wages. The new law would set a flat monthly tax of €252 per employee for startups, let startup employees enroll in a 'highly qualified w...

The pulse of Latvian startup scene: Week #22

2 years ago

#StartinLatvia secures EUR 100,000 investment in Finland, ranked among the best startups, suffers an unsuccessful Indiegogo campaign, and more.


Zināmi 12 Latvijas uzņēmumi, ko ‘TWINO’ vedīs uz start-up festivālu ‘Slush’

2 years ago

Finanšu tehnoloģiju kompānija ‘TWINO’ uz Eiropas vadošo un prestižāko jauno uzņēmumu pasākumu ‘Slush’ vedīs Latvijas jauno progresīvo uzņēmumu delegāciju: ‘Toneboard’, ‘Notakey’, ‘Nordigen’, ‘Anatomy Next&rsq...

Ernesta Štāla galvenās atziņas pēc 'Startup Sauna' akseleratora

2 years ago

Šī gada jūnijā Somijas akseleratora ‘Startup Sauna’ dalībnieki – Latvijas start-up projekts ‘’ – tika izvēlēts kā akseleratora “supervaronis”un ieguva 100 000 eiro investīciju no somu riska kapitāla fonda ‘Superhero Capit...

Latvijas start-up uzņēmumu vides apskats: 22. nedēļa

2 years ago

#StartinLatvia Somijā iegūst 100 000 eiro investīcijas, tiek iekļauts labāko startapu topā, piedzīvo neveiksmi 'Indiegogo' kampaņā un vēl.

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