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Pulse of Latvian startup scene: Week #19

3 years ago

World's smallest manned aircraft made in Latvia. acquires Foodily. Latvian startups attending conferences, winning prizes and acquiring new customers. See the hottest highlights of Week #19: 

The pulse of Latvian startup scene: Week #18

4 years ago

Latvian Mintos won Rietumu fintech challenge, inSelly beat over 500 startups to get a spot in Startup Sauna, while Clusterpoint signed a deal to support over 50 hackathons across the US. Week #18 sure was a glorious ride for #LVstartups: 

Tech trends in Latvian startups

4 years ago

Latvian startups are making much more than just a bunch of Facebook-killers. Let's see what tech our guys and girls use - from mobile apps to web services, from big data solutions to hardware projects raising several millions. 


Vietējie mediji Latviju sāk dēvēt par dronu lielvalsti

3 years ago

"’Drones Technology’, ‘UAV Factory’, ‘Rīgas dronu fabrika’, ‘UAV Tools’, ‘AirDog’, ‘Aerones’ – tik daudzi mazajā Latvijā nodarbojas ar lielāku un mazāku bezpilota lidaparātu jeb dronu ražošanu, kuru iespējas...

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